Are you Packed?

When taking a journey – or moving a household – it is necessary to pack.

Much depends on the length of the journey — how long will you be gone? Will you be returning? Where are you going?

A few generations ago, my ancestors prepared for a journey. They knew it would be long and they didn’t plan to return. So they needed to take many things. Yes, they took their clothing. But they also brought tools, books, and sentimental items.

They also brought invisible items — knowledge, determination, and a sense of justice.

My ancestors — like many immigrants — came from modest means. I suspect they packed all their goods into a contain such as this before they started their voyage to America. But perhaps the container looked plainer and less colorful.

Some immigrant travel chests were beautifully decorated. Others were plain. All needed to be sturdy to protect household goods against the hazards on the journey.

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