Spread Your Wings

Try new things. Visit new places.

The academic year is new and shiny — full of possibilities.

Not a student or teacher? No problem. This time of year, any time of year, is a good place to stop for a mental minute, assess the situation, and set new goals. There is not rule that all goals must be set in January. In the United States, our summer holidays are over. The official change to fall is a few short weeks away. And the change from daylight to standard time follows quick.

So how have you done? Did you visit one new place in the last year? It counts to play tourist in your home community. Did you eat at a “new to you” restaurant? Or shop in a store you drive past but never enter?

Did you read a book? Try a new author? If your answer is “no”, then I suggest you find your way to a bookstore or library, have a good browse, and walk out with reading material. You never know where a good book will take you — a faraway land, into the past or into the future. Books can giving a new perspective to an old problem or send you into a gale of laughter.

Our Bateleur Eagle friend reminds us to spread our wings — you just might “wow” the audience.

Looking for a book on-line? May I suggest the Crystal Springs Romances: Starr Tree Farm, Hiding Places, and Seed of Desire for a nice introduction to sweet romantic suspense. Click on the title tab above for details and buy links.

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