Interior Seating

A comfortable place to sit.

While individuals differ on the description — almost everyone likes the idea.

We spend money, and time selecting the seating in our homes. And we supply ideas and trust others to select chairs, benches, and pews for more public places.

A small town church with over a century of history is one example.

The church board, or committee, which selected these pews chose well. It is my understanding that they have been “turned around” twice when the building was remodeled. The cushions are new since by last visit to the interior. We used to “slide” from one end to the other while waiting for the Sunday school teacher. The flooring under them has changed. The hymnal racks remain in use.

Imagine for a moment: The hands which have gripped the smooth tops.

An elderly person reaches for a little extra stability.

A grieving spouse, child, or parent needs balance following a casket.

A toddler demonstrate how high they can reach.

An usher touches the wood and leans forward to have a word.


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