She needs a safe place…

Sometimes life happens fast.

Forty-eight hours after her first sight of him, Mona (a city girl) is sitting with Linc Dray in the small beginnings of an apple orchard.

“No, the problem is, the way my grandparents wrote their will, I can only inherit the farm if I’m married.”

She lowered the water bottle before it reached her lips. Her fingers curled tight around the plastic.

“Within eleven days.”

What? She listened to her heart skip a beat, like a kettle of water the instant before a boil. “Who?” Mona gazed down at her hand clenching her drink. “Who is this girl you’re going to marry?”

For more of Linc and Mona’s convenient (or inconvenient) marriage story– check out Hiding Places. (Click on the tab at the top of the page for complete blurb and purchase link.)

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