One More Page

Today we’re going to muse about two moments of happiness. (The world needs more sprinkles of happiness and joy. Don’t you agree?)

There’s a moment when you walk out of the library clutching a new book — you just can’t wait to open the pages. What will you find? Will it be new information? Travels to a far away time or place? A story featuring a clever person who solves a problem and looks like me?

And then, two or three weeks later, there’s a moment when the book needs to be returned. So others can read it — adults try to explain. But…but…just one more time…please.

New book? Or one last look before return?

This charming bench is outside the Plum City Public Library in Pierce County Wisconsin. It is one of four libraries in the area where you will find the Crystal Springs Romances: Starr Tree Farm, Hiding Places, and Seed of Desire.

1 thought on “One More Page”

  1. Another page,
    another page,
    the minutes fly through the night..
    What happens next?
    Will she be safe?
    My eyelids are fluttering toward sleep!
    That’s how I felt reading SEED OF DESIRE, the latest Crystal Springs book.

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