Local History

There’s a lot of history per acre here. It goes back into the 19th century and some of the first settlers in the valley.

Need a guide? Find an long-time resident with a clear memory and a keen interest in the world around them.

I’ve walked this particular cemetery many times. Participated in the Memorial Day ceremonies. Sought out the graves of ancestors. Listened to the explanation of who was related how. And what that person died of. That group? An entire family died the same year — that was when the diphtheria epidemic came through. (Suddenly that shot in the arm at the clinic made sense.)

Take your time. Read the stones. Practice your math. Infants. Children. Veterans. Parting comments from loved ones. Let a sense of peace and history settle around you.


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  1. After reading an obituary last night, I pondered on the departed’s family. The sister of a brother in law married the man who died uncle. My community was full of complication like that. I enjoy it as much as I do local history.

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