Ahhhh! That was so good!

Ahhhh! That was so good!

Have you ever closed a book, leaned back, and smiled with pleasure?

I think you’ve just finished a candidate for a book review. It doesn’t need to be long. Or fancy.

A simple “thank you for writing this book” or “I enjoyed it” counts as a review.

And what to do with it? Since you’re reading this on the internet – I guessing you have access to a computer.

Pick a book retailer site. (You might want to begin where you purchased the book if you did so on-line.) Put in the book title. Select the book. Scroll down or click on an option to “write a review”. Most sites ask you to rate from one to five. (Five is wonderful.) Then you add your opinion. Click on save the review or publish or whatever word the site uses.

Wasn’t that easy? And you’ve just encouraged an author.

Released Oct 3. Reviews welcome!

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