Space Required

Like many occupations, professions, and hobbies — writing requires a space.

After all, an author needs a surface on which to work. And these days most of us compose and revise and edit on some sort of computer.

Unlike many occupations — writing is portable.

A writing space can vary from day to day. Or hour by hour. Did the coffee shop get too noisy? Is the library too quiet? The patio too cold? Pack up the laptop – or pad and pen – and move to a different sort of space.

What does a writer require? It depends on the author. Some need to flee the chaos of family. Others need to be available when that toddler wakes from their nap. And additions to the laptop mentioned above can be many.

A good chair. Reference books. Drinks and snacks. A method to take and retrieve notes. Music? Noise cancelling headphones? The ideal space varies by author, season, and sort of project.

Space waiting for addition of author.