Green Attraction

It’s the size of a small farm. And a welcome green spot within the city.

Beginning a few years ago, I became a regular visitor. A few hours among the flowers, trees, and vegetables of the Missouri Botanical Garden turned out to be the calorie-free reward I needed for a writing goal accomplished.

My blog has often featured photos taken on the grounds. A piece of permanent sculpture. A glass creation from a temporary exhibit. A seasonal peek from the Christmas train display or annual orchid show. And plants —

Local plants in the home demonstration garden. Roses. Water lilies. Tropical species from within the Climatron. Trees and shrubs and grasses that caught my eye. And on a lucky day — the bee, butterfly, or dragon fly visiting a blossom.

So if you’re even in St. Louis with a couple hours to sightsee — go for a walk in the garden. Parking is fee. Admission is modest. The sights are constantly changing.

Reflecting pool with the tropical Climatron in the background.


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