Classic Attraction

Many American cities have one. Some of the larger cities have several. And they abound in other portions of the world also.

In St. Louis it’s simply known as The Art Museum. Perched on top of “Art Hill” in the city’s largest park, an iconic figure welcomes you.

King and Saint Louis

The building behind the statue is from the early portion of the 20th Century — plus a portion from the very early portion of the 21st. Within the various galleries you will find a wide selection of art.

The exhibits come from multiple centuries and all regions of the world. They include paintings, clothing, sculpture, and dishes. And don’t forget the weapons. That particular room was a favorite with my sons when they were teens. And the mummy!

Think you’ve seen it all? They have special exhibits which last several months. And true to St. Louis tradition…general admission is free, special exhibits free one day a week. This is a great way to introduce children and/or skeptical adults to the world of fine art.

Bonus: Great place to take out-of-town guests on a rainy day.

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