Ancient Attraction

One of the past nicknames for St. Louis was Mound City.

This moniker referred to the building practices of the Native Americans in large portions of the Mississippi River valley.

One place remains to view these mounds in the metro region — east of the river at a venue called Cahokia Mounds.

Centuries ago, the Mississippian people had a thriving trading and cultural center on this land. And as one might expect — they build mounds. Some were gravesites. Others were the base for homes and worship areas.

At this time, some of have been excavated by professionals and other remain, quietly waiting for a future generation to unlock their secrets. And at least one has been modified for the modern tourist.

Welcome to Monk’s Mound.

Your climb to the top – over 100 steps — is rewarded with a fantastic view, including the Gateway Arch on the St. Louis waterfront.


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