Two Travel Necessities

Two things I’ve found helpful on vacations large and small. As a bonus, they don’t take up room in the luggage. So what do I want you to bring along?

Sense of humor. Every vacation contains a glitch or two. A laugh or a smile goes far to ease even the most tense of situations.

Sense of adventure. Vacations are for going new places. Seeing new things. Trying new foods or experiences. Try it – you just might like it!

The Yellow Church

Before I left home, I read travel guides and picked out a few things I wanted to see on my free time — dependent on hotel location. Well, as it turned out, it could not have been easier.

A short conversation with the hotel staff gained me a map with subway stops circled and which train to take. With a station literally yards from the hotel I was set. Until — I looked at the ticket machine. Okay, I expected it to be in German. But what zone was I in? What zone was I going to?

“Excuse me. Do you speak English?” I inquired of a young couple. Yes, they did and in a couple of minutes they helped me purchase a one-day pass and showed me where to validate it on the walk to the platform. They even got me pointed in the correct direction — and since they were on the same car — clued me when my stop was next.

I emerged from the subway to the sight of the church at the beginning of this post. And my sightseeing of Munich Residence and the surrounding few blocks began.

Imagine my surprise as I was looking for the entrance after purchasing my ticket. (That left turn was quicker than I expected.) When other tourists asked me about ticket prices. It was probably the only question I knew the answer to.

Courtyard at the Residence I wandered into before I found the actual entrance to the exhibits.

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