My Library Shelf – N

N – it begins so many negative words. No (in several languages). Not. Never.

Today’s volume from the shelf ends on a positive note. But not after some struggle.

No Less Than Victory by Jeff Shaara

This book tells the story of WWII’s European theater after D-Day. The emphasis is on The Battle of the Bulge. The veterans of that battle, that war, are old men and dwindling in number.

But instead of telling you about this particular book — well researched historical fiction — I’d like to draw a larger picture of this author’s work.

He writes of the United States at war. Perhaps the Civil War is some of his best work. It is certainly his most extensive — with volumes centered around the battles of Fredricksburg, The Wilderness, Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Georgia. But he writes well on the subject of the Revolution, the Mexican War, WWI, WWII, and Korea.

With a style which takes you into the viewpoint of the generals, battlefield leaders, and often a common soldier or two — they are the sort of books which could wear that caution label. Careful – you might learn something.

For this and other fine historical fiction: check your local bookstore or library.