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My mother didn’t understand why my brother wanted to take me to this movie.

This was a few years before I read the book. And I didn’t know much about what we would see. But — it’s hard to turn down a chance to go to the movies when a young teen.

Exodus by Leon Uris

I read the book a year or so after the event above. Like many good books — I learned a lot. Some of it delved into topics never discussed around the dinner table. Like many people, my parents didn’t often talk about recent history except for their own personal participation. (And the occasion and company had to be right for some of that.)

While the movie is good — I own a copy and have watched it multiple times — I recommend the book to obtain depth and background. For it is the characters past (and our own) which shape personalities and guide decisions – both positive and negative.

A modern classic

Careful – you might learn something.

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