Getting Seasonal

More than the other months of the year, people in the United States tend to decorate in December.

Holidays. It’s as if the year hoarded them and suddenly needs to use them all up before the end of the year. If you’ve ever had an employer where you could not carry vacation days over to the next year — you understand.

Thanksgiving is over. You may put away the turkeys and pumpkins and cornstalks.

These holidays – some with religious backgrounds — are more suited to candles, evergreens, and gifts. And additional things have become holiday focused during my lifetime.  Santa pre-dates me. Rudolph appeared early in my childhood. And snowmen learned to dance when I was little. Some people like elves – helpful or mischief makers. And others scent the house and decorate with gingerbread houses and cartoon cookies.

Today I present a simple idea — done large.

Greens, cones, and silver balls greet visitors.

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