Holiday Variety

Every year my tree is a little different from the year before. This holds even when the tree is artificial. And also when it came with its own lights — last few years.

Yes, some things remain the same. The star goes on top. The skirt is white felt, with a design my sons never really liked. (It was cheap. I needed one.) The difference comes in the ornaments.

There was a year I put on all the beaded garland, stepped back, and said “enough”? This came after the year I put on every ornament I owned — then when un-decorating divided them up to give to children, keep, give away, and this-belongs-in-the-trash.

And this year — it’s dressed modest. No beaded garland. Most of the meaningful ornaments.

And next year? Maybe I’ll splurge. And go with one of each like this display.