Guard Duty

Farm animals. Working animals. Some of them take their jobs serious.

Say the phrase “working animal” and several things may come to mind.

Dogs – they guard the house, assist the handicapped, and sniff out the criminal and the explosive.

Horses – strength and training combine to have them pull all sorts of useful and entertaining vehicles. Buggies. Wagons. Farm implements. Parade floats. And many of them hold their head taking pride in their work.

Cats – urban residents may not want to admit it — but felines (when allowed to roam) cut down on the rodent population. Often they are aided in this task by large birds. Yum, yum, mouse supper.

And then we have today’s featured guest. Definitely guard duty. And a creature I don’t want to anger or do battle with.

GOOSE – with attitude.

1 thought on “Guard Duty”

  1. In Madison there’s acres of prairie, swamp and forest. It’s the Arboretum. Along one edge is Lake Wingra. Bob loved to drive through the land. One day we had to stop. A ways down the road a man laden with a huge camera stumbled down the road toward his car. Chasing him, with enormous wings flapping was an angry, male Canadian geese. We expected the photographer had invaded the space of the Canadian geese nest!

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