Unplanned Trip

Sorry to say, this was not the vacation sort of trip. Not even in town errands with an interesting feature on the side.

No. This was the author being a KLUTZ. (Apologies if this is your name.)

It started normal enough. I decided that before going inside the library I’d take a walk. So I went past the community gardens and down the hill. I had my camera in my hand — looking for interesting things to photograph — and turned around to walk back up the hill.

Ooops! One should pay at least some attention to their feet when walking. Sidewalks are hard! It didn’t take long for the camera to go back into the purse and to pick up the glasses. I could tell at a glance they were a total loss. So…draw a deep breath, check out the face with one hand – a little blood, not much. Up the hill, into the building, into the restroom to wash and assess the damage.

The good news? I learned how fast my body heals. The bruises on the face went from red, to dark red, to purple, to yellow quicker than expected. Ice pack on the face worked well. Glasses are replaceable.

Now I’m planning my next trip. This time the vacation sort. Off with a friend to see new sights through new glasses.

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