New York

It’s more than a city. It’s an entire state. With forests. Mountains. Farms. Factories. An international boundary.  One of the original thirteen states, it held a key position to connect New England with the rest of the young nation.

Have you heard of The League of the Five Nations? Think history, prior to the Dutch forming settlements. Upstate New York contains many references to them in the use of names as well as historical sites.

On my second trip to visit relatives in the state, we visited one of the historical sites on the shore of Lake Ontario.



No, this area does not have snow all year. This was taken in March. Also called the season of shrinking snowbanks.

Early fall brings out beautiful scenes. When touches of yellow, orange, and red decorate the hills among the green. I recommend spending some time in the Finger Lakes region. Admire beauties at the glass museum. Sigh at the sight of hills and clear lakes. Enjoy fruit of the vine along a wine trail.

Yes. I plan to visit the City. But first I’ll revel in the beauties of the Country.


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