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My first tourist visit to Ohio as an adult took place in 1998. This was a multi-state trip combining visits with relatives to tourist attractions. On the tourist side– the primary attraction this visit was the Air Force Museum outside of Dayton.

Oh My! We didn’t allow near enough time. My uncle, a WWII veteran, steered us to a few “must see” sights. But we could have enjoyed much more than the hours scheduled. Something to return to.

Bounded by Lake Erie on the north and the Ohio River on the south, this state was settled in the early days of the United States. Some veterans of the Revolutionary War were paid in Ohio land. Lots of hard work to take land from forest to farm. Factories came later — along those aforementioned waterways.

If you follow college sports you’ve heard of Ohio State. (They have a top notch marching band too.) And while it may be the most well-known university in the state it is by no means the only. With a population over 11.5 million, it takes a lot of books, libraries, teachers, and laboratories to maintain a quality educated work force.

So when you’re next in the neighborhood — north of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi — take a little time to explore The Buckeye State.


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