We take a step north on our tour. Or it could be west if you’re very precise. But either way you’ll end up in Alabama.

It took until 2010 for me to actually plan and execute a visit to this “Heart of the South”. On one visit I was able to accomplish two things. I attended a formal program with college friends on the east side of Mobile Bay. And I was able to visit family friends I’d not seen for too close to 40 years.

We picked up a little history, sailed on Mobile Bay, and learned a bit about the local flora and fauna. Between scheduled tours and presentations we did what three mid-western friends always do — we talked. We stayed at a retreat center and were welcome to use the equipment. I thought I’d try a kayak (I’ve paddled a canoe.) but the water was rather choppy for a beginner that evening. The next morning, when we were packing up to leave — the water was calm as glass. I guess that’s a cue to return.

After getting a little lost and confused finding the family friends — cell phones are a wonderful thing. He found me and led me on some of the twistiest roads (all without signs) over hills and around draws. It was as bad as where we grew up.

The next day we went for a drive and found a magnificent sight.

Lake Martin
Lake Martin

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