Sunshine. Oranges. Beaches. Tourist attractions for all ages!

The first time I saw Florida from an airplane I found it difficult to believe. It’s flat! Very, very flat when you’ve grown up among the bluffs of the Upper Mississippi River.

My visits to Florida have been a mixture of business and pleasure. Often on the same trip. And water is always involved — whether a corporation was treating their students to an outing on Biscayne Bay or I rode a water taxi around a large resort.

The map can be a little misleading. It looks like a moderate sized peninsula. But when you drive it appears to get larger and larger. The distances between the major cities greater than expected.

My most recent visit happened in 2010 when I gifted myself with a day of tourist activity before a professional conference. I need to go back. There are historic and interesting places I’ve not seen.

Downtown Disney - Lego sea serpent
The Sea Dragons are friendly in Florida


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