Book Birthday

My how time flies.

Ok. Ok. Ok. Authors are told to avoid cliche when possible. And the one above, my goodness, I hate to think how many generations have used it.

Should we say the days sprint past and soon add up to a year? It would convey the idea. Appears a little wordy to me. However, the phenomenon remains the same. We go about out daily life, enjoy some of the highs, attempt to forget some of the lows, and suddenly we’re made aware that a great bunch of time has passed.

Take my book Stare Down, for example. I’ve been busy with life — and writing the next book — and when I check the calendar I’m reminded that my sweet romantic suspense set in St. Louis has been on the market an entire year.

Where’s the birthday cake? Shaped like a book? I think I have a birthday candle up in the cupboard — behind something I seldom use.

If the time has spun past for you — take a breath, pause a moment, and check it out.



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