Animal Trails

Do you walk the same path day after day? From the driveway to the door? From the door to the curbside mailbox? From the house to the barn?

It was the final one which we walked a lot. But we took enough variations that we never defined a clear, dirt path across the thick grass. Okay, in the winter we made a path and stayed on it. No sense in letting a good track through the snow go to waste. But that was temporary.

Our animals played “follow the leader.” A lot. They, with the aid of sharp hooves, did wear a narrow path across the pasture and up the lane into the barnyard. Many times I followed along, usually with the dog, bringing the cows up for milking. The only hazard — cow pies.

People who grew up with some wooded land became familiar with other animal paths. And city dwellers can get a hint with a visit to the zoo.


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