Timeless Design

The water source is at Location A.

Water is required at Location B.

Humans have been working on this problem since the dawn of civilization. (Or before. Depends on your definitions.)

Gravity gives a big assist. Men have scratched trenches of various sizes into the earth. Sometimes the water flowed from point A to point B without soaking into the ground or evaporating into the air. Tools and technology able to carve a channel into rock aided in the soaking away problem.

But then along came a group of people with excellent engineering skills. They combined materials. Refined and shaped metal. Experimented. Passed knowledge gained to the next generation – via oral and written language.

Computer modeling in recent years verifies the excellence of their work. Even though today we would choose a different material, the principle continues.

lead pipe
This Roman era lead pipe is still functional to transport hot mineral water into a pool.


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