Mister Twig

Our group arrived in the village a mere week before the 400th anniversary celebration.

No — not of the town. Not of the house. Rather, the death of the most famous of residents.

Tourists arrive from every portion of the globe. (Fitting since his work was performed in The Globe Theater.) Like many historical sites they begin with a video and then you are “turned loose” to explore within the fence, listen to docent, or spend money in the gift shop. (Or Shoppe.)

The house is his birthplace. A portion of the house was his father’s glove shop – made as well as sold. The building was also his home during the early portion of his marriage. (Adult children staying with parents is not a new thing.)

It was difficult to select a favorite portion. Historical houses intrigue me. The gardens were lovely. On this fine afternoon it would be natural for a servant, or the unemployed son of the house, to be assigned some garden work.


Was Mr. Shakespeare as thin as a twig?

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  1. I’m looking for more, of course. I thnk another book for you could be “what I saw in England”. Your oberservance is unique!

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