The Big Picture

The modern world is complicated. Technology is changing and rippling down into other aspects of life at unprecedented speed. Many people are unable to grasp it all — so they specialize, concentrate on one portion, and work to become an expert within narrow margins.

The world needs a few specialists. At times we need to consult an expert. For example, my grasp of physics is fragile. I’d never be able to pick up changes in observatory photographs or tiny pulses hinting at new space bodies or atomic structures.

But I ask you to remember the big picture. Resist the power of tunnel vision. Think a little about the future. (If I plant the tree here — will the roots clog the sewer in a few years? Will the crown surround the power lines?) It might work out better in the long run to plant the tree six feet to the left or choose a shrub instead of a shade tree.

Big picture, or long distance, thinking requires choices. So I urge you to gather the facts as best you can, weigh the pros and cons, and make an informed choice. Whether it be where to plant a tree, which item of clothing to purchase, or which candidate to mark on your ballot.


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