Open the Door

Open the door and let the book out!

Door #3. Please.

Stare Down, a sweet romantic suspense set in St. Louis is trotting down an open path into the wide world of readers. Step, step, step. May it be as welcome as the black Labrador which makes a brief appearance. (I could say cameo — he doesn’t speak.)

A city park. Small apartment building. Police headquarters. A teaching hospital. These all furnish backdrop for two young professionals running toward the horizon. It’s the little things they find on the journey, and the influence of past trauma, which puts the twists on the path.

So click on the link below. Load up your Kindle. (Nook users too.) Or order the print edition. Then settle in for a jog in a Midwest spring.


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Description back cover blurb may be viewed on Stare Down page of this website.

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