Silence not required

Library. Food. Talking.

Not the usual trio of suspects.

Times have changed from the stereotypical library. They are not a hall of silence between rows of books. Wooden tables are not occupied by silent adults pouring over bound periodicals.

Today a library can be a lively place. Bright, small furniture makes a reading corner in the children’s section. Puzzles, games, and computers supplement traditional bound books. Adults browse among books, magazines, audio offerings, and public use computers. They relax in comfortable chairs, chat with friends in soft voices, discuss the newest read or class. For serious or quiet study, a reference room offers tables, chairs, and electric outlets.

Tomorrow I’ll be trying something new: breakfast at a library.

Several local authors have been invited to share our stories with readers. Do I have enough notes? Will I be able to fill my time at each table? How much coffee to repeat my presentation eight times?

Return next Friday for the answers to these and other questions.

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