Luxury Leaves

Go ahead. Pet the leaf. How does it feel?

Velvet? Suede? Plush animal soft?

Lamb's Ear
Lamb’s Ear

My common name comes from the shape of my leaf and the soft texture of the hairs on them. Do you have a sunny spot open in the garden? Plant me and a few of my friends and we’ll spread, fill in the gaps, and have you culling our numbers in a few years.

Generations ago, some of my ancestors either escaped the family herb garden or remained behind when the humans moved away. That’s why you’ll find us in unexpected places. And how Boy Scouts (clever people that they are) learned that our soft, strong leaves will substitute for the toilet paper left back at the camp.

So if you’re looking for a plant from the middle of the alphabet that won’t demand a lot of time or attention — think lamb.  Baaa!  Baaa!

Baaaaak to providing a little variable texture and color outside.

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