Out of Plumb

Time disguises change. Seasons come and go. Ground freezes and thaws. Objects bump against each other. Sometimes gentle — other times in haste or anger.

It’s the wear and tear of life. A firm foundation helps. Expectations in line with reality prevent mental anguish. Living things have life spans. Many inanimate objects also have a cycle of usefulness – from time measured in minutes to centuries.


Once upon a time…when the post was set and the timbers were new…this enclosure stood straight, plumb with the building. By the time you read this, it will be gone. The wood sent off to where used construction materials rest. The post replaced, square once again with the world around it. I don’t know how long it will last. The one pictured was well over a decade. Perhaps the new one will outlast my time in the neighborhood.


1 thought on “Out of Plumb”

  1. Ellen: A nice observation. Wrestling with changes all around us is a big part of handling life. I am just getting to handle it well. About time! Six decades. Not to get preachy but God does not change. Is there for us always and is our plumb line. Hope you outlast the new post and fence for the dumpster. You’re worth it! Love Tom.

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