It Tickles

It’s pleasant here in the garden. My roots are in moist but well-drained soil. I lift my leaves to sunshine. My shy blossoms open on a calm afternoon.

To the casual observer I’m not doing much. Just standing in one place. It’s true that I’m not capable of walking. But I can bend in the breeze and seek out the best angle for the sun to strike the maximum number of leaves. Love that photosynthesis going on in all my green parts.

Today I have my blossoms open. I’d love to go to seed. (It’s an ambition for plants.) My scent is escaping, calling to my neighbors and visitors.

Oh….I’ve got one. Alighting, crawling, tickling all my blossom parts. If I had a voice I’d giggle. This is the best sort of day — when the honeybees visit.


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