Bright, Shiny Object Ahead

Blink. Blink.

Is that a mirror ahead? The sun is winking at me from over my shoulder. (Not literally. I have plenty of ego — but not that much.)

Today’s walk is in a sculpture park and anything can happen. A few minutes ago, while following a trail in the woods, another hiker told her sons, and then me, to look up. An unexpected pleasure looked back from a tree branch. This one was named — owl — barred, I think.

Signs give credit to the artists and short explanations of the work. Most of these are too large for buildings and best enjoyed during a circuitous walk to view all sides. A few are shy, blending in with the surrounding of forest or lawn. Others are bold, demanding attention. All are free to park visitors and still enough for photography practice.

Me! Me! Look at Me!
Me! Me! Look at Me!

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