A Closer Look

Take a closer look. What do you really see?

If I had a nickel….

Well, you get the idea. Whether you need to take a closer look at a person, a work project, the bank balance, or that plant that suddenly popped up in the garden. (Is that a weed or a flower?)

There’s a time to look close. Give a real inspection. Check that the dishes are really clean before they go into the cupboard.

Some of the surprises you’ll find are pleasant. For example, in the photo below the berries are tiny. Green. Look quick and you’ll miss them. Come back in six months and you’ll notice the mature, red holly berries without a second look.

Shy in the Summer
Shy in the Summer

Looking for a summer read?

Hiding Places is now available. A quick read set in small-town Midwest.

Check it out at the dedicated page on this site, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Crimson Romance.  Companion book is Starr Tree Farm.


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