Free to Fly

Released like doves after a modern wedding. Or allowed to soar like helium balloons into a clear June sky.

Yes, Hiding Places has been launched into the wide world of electronic books.

My late mother, a member of that Greatest Generation, viewed electricity as a little bit of “magic”.  And it is pretty amazing that waves and electrons speeding invisible through the air can bring us sound (radio), pictures (television), and two-way conversation (cell phone).

In recent years you can add printed words and videos captured by computers, electronic book readers, tablets and the next electronic device. (Look out Dick Tracy – your two-way wrist TV is in testing.)

Do you enjoy reading fiction? Recoil at the continuous increase in printed books? Despair looking for more book shelf space? Feel adventurous?

Consider taking the plunge to an electronic book reader. Or tablet. Or Smartphone. Open the fiction world (I’m partial to the romance segment) wider to books released electronic first or only.









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