Temporary Housing

Conference season has begun. Or perhaps it never ended. Writing is a year-round occupation, but winter weather and travel don’t mix well so conferences and gatherings are more popular in the warmer months.

Recently I attended a nice regional event. And spent three nights in the luxury of a hotel room. Luxury in the little things — no cleaning, no trash disposal, and a bed almost as large as my room at home. A chance to sample new scents in shampoo and shower gel. A work table and office chair that puts many offices to shame.

The view from my window wasn’t scenic. It didn’t matter. From breakfast until long after dark I was in the room only long enough to fetch or return an item or change clothes for the next event.

Yet in addition to meeting my needs the room furnished comfort and welcome.

Home away from Home
Home away from Home

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  1. So true, Ellen. And sometimes during conferences, it’s nice to just have a place to find peace and solitude for a few moments before heading back to fun and learning.

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