The Right Tree?

What kind of tree is that?

Good question. Especially when asked during the dormant season. In early spring — when snow remained in our forecast — I decided to photograph apple blossoms from bud to flower to tiny fruit. My first task — find an apple tree.

Apple trees bear fruit – a delicious and healthful one. I knew an accessible one grew only half a block from the regular route of my morning walk. It would be easy to take the short detour — as long as I remembered to grab the camera.

On an early March morning I started. A row of six or more trees bordered commercial property. Which one was the apple? Most of them were about the same size. All of them displayed the bare branches of the season (no help from leaves today). I looked. I thought. I tried to remember where in the row I’d found it two years ago in late summer. It wore apples then, easy to identify.

I settled on the smallest in the row. Something about the shape indicated fruit tree rather than ornamental or shade.

Did I select well? It’s a little like beginning a new story. Do I have the right idea? The proper characters to act out the play on the pages?

Patience. Time. Patience and time as my father used to advise.

Right Tree? Right Story?
Right Tree?
Right Story?

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