Calling all Fools

Paging Mr. Lirpa Loofski. Mr. Lirpa Loofski please call the operator.

Check your phone messages twice before replying today. There’s something in the air. A little wisp of spring breeze twists the minds of normal people into practical (or non-practical) jokesters on this date.

Advice to all the serious among us. Relax a little. It’s been a long, cold winter and it’s time to find a little sunshine whether Mother Nature cooperates or not.

Did your spouse or children tie your shoes together? No harm. You’ll find something simple to return the favor. (Replace cereal spoon with a fork?)

My plan for the day? Wait until tomorrow to check all lottery tickets. A girl needs to be careful.

Oh, Mr. Loofski. Drop the Polish suffix and spell it backward. He’s popular today.


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