Closing Ceremony

The Winter Olympics of 2014 are complete.

They ended with a flourish. Flags. Music. Athletes marching and waving at the crowd.

The participants have scattered now. They packed up skates, skis, and bobsleds along with personal possessions. And a few shiny new medals. Now they are back in their everyday world. Some are practicing their sport. A few announced retirements and will now do sports for pleasure. Another portion will return to balancing that “day job” with training for the next event.

May I propose another closing ceremony?

I’d like to wish WINTER a fond farewell. Please don’t return until you’re scheduled in late December.

This opinion is brought to you by a person that usually enjoys cold sunny days and a little snow more than most. I like the variety of weather in the American Midwest. But really…. isn’t your three months up yet? Please yield the stage to spring before the vernal equinox. Please. Pretty please.

I’ll step back now. I’ll be good — dress in coat, boots, hat, and gloves — when I go for my next walk. I’ll try to be patient. And quiet. But it’s difficult.

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1 thought on “Closing Ceremony”

  1. Ellen: Cousin Tom here. I could not agree with you more about the simple fact that winter has overstayed his (old man winter) welcome! Well said. I will add a second Pretty Please and some prayers to our maker too.

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