Staying Ahead?

Will I need that again? Better save it “just in case”.

A case of too much “just in case” can swell until the closet is full, the storage area stacked to the ceiling, and it’s a major project to find the flower pot I know I had. I used it…that long ago?

Remember your resolution for January? The one to de-clutter one corner. Reduce books on the shelf to make room for new ones. I hate to tell you this — January has come and gone.

Do not despair. If your inanimate objects are like mine they are waiting for the day when a moment of ambition strikes.  I’m prompted twice a year when our church holds an “attic treasure” sale. In an rare organized minute I pulled out a couple of containers and started filling them for the next sale.

I get a few bags of room. The church gets a few pennies. The new owner gets a bargain. Win. Win. Win.


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