One of many.

Christmas decorations. They come in all sizes and materials — from larger than life inflatables to tiny carved or molded sheep. You find them outside, inside, in public, and private spaces.

People with a knack for selecting and combining the correct colors, shapes, and materials end up with displays that bring their neighbors. Children “oooh” and “ahhh” from the back seat as adults drive past lights that outline, flash, and keep time to music.

It’s simpler at my home. And it varies from year to year. This season my artificial tree sparkles with multicolored lights. A large white star catches the viewer’s attention at the top. A scattering of glass and wood ornaments dangle from a few of the branches. Across the room a candle stands guard beside the creche. While the shelf above the television proclaims “JOY” in large letters next to bright colored Santa figurines.

Three ornaments of similar style and material are scattered this year. One of my favorite materials for ornaments — clear glass with a touch of gold tell the Christmas story.

O Holy Night
O Holy Night

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