Magic Transport

Did you hear the Christmas story about…?

Stories in books, on television, and on social media are stuffed with magic at this time of year. They end in heartwarming scenes intended to bring tears of joy and sentimentality to faces that are stern fifty weeks of the year.

It has to be magic. A sleigh that flies through the air pulled by reindeer. And it neither tiny nor light — for it carries gifts for every “good” boy and girl on earth. That’s billions — with a B — and not every gift is a single, light, feather. It needs to be sturdy to survive multiple rooftop take-offs and landings. And all deliveries must be complete within twenty four hours.

The logistics would drive the executives at UPS, FedEx, and all the postal services of the world combined to crazy beyond belief. “We’d have to share.” “Start planning now.” “Take it zone by zone.” “It can’t be done.”

Magic. A miracle.

Magical Expandable Sleigh -- lighted edition
Magical Expandable Sleigh — lighted edition

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