Coffee for a Large Group

Are you hosting Thanksgiving? Lots of coffee drinkers in your family?
Allow me to introduce you to Boiled Coffee a.k.a. Crew or Church Coffee.
You’ll need a large pot. The ones I remember were enamelware – the gray speckled or white – with the slightly tapered body and a spout near the top. The volumes referenced here are from a 1961 edition of Betty Crocker’s Cook Book. Method is combination of memory and print.
Place 7 quarts of water in pot. Heat just to a boil.
Place 1 pound coffee and 1 egg (including shell) into a mixing bowl with one cup cold water. Mix.
Pour grounds into heated water, mix, and bring to a full boil. It will foam, be prepared to stir.
Boil one or two minutes.
Remove from heat.
Allow time for grounds to settle. The egg will collect little bits of debris and make for a clearer coffee.
Pour into serving pot for ease of handling and serve.
This should satisfy a dozen men that drink coffee with their meal with plenty of refills.

Perfect for Boiled Coffee
Perfect for Boiled Coffee

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