Working Wheel

Our vacation went full circle.

Our first major tourist stop – along the Brandywine – found an echo in our final sightseeing venture.

While the factories in Delaware used water power to perform a variety of tasks, the place that we visited spun cotton into thread and ground saltpeter, sulfur, and charcoal into black powder. Informational signs mentioned in passing other common uses.

We found an example in Ohio,¬†Carillon Historical Park to be specific. Here waterpower is demonstrated in a centuries old task — grinding grain into flour.

On display in Dayton
On display in Dayton

Our time at this historical park was short — that’s the only negative thing to say about our visit.

Vacation ended. Is that the only negative thing to say of our twelve states in ten days? Shhh. I traveled with a sibling. We both returned in good health. What more can you expect?

Memories and photos will be tucked into storage in brain and computer. Snippets and slivers will be pulled forward and examined from time to time. Until the next vacation trip.

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