A Place to Shine

I made it!  My roots spread out in the northern Midwest soil and fed me. I stretched and grew and healed from the shearing machete.  I stood tall and proud with my pine companions of several years. I was taller than the humans walking down our rows.

They tagged me. Yes, it seems a small gesture. But it marked me for the cutter. Moved me one step closer to my ultimate goal.

The saw came. I went numb. Pulled, dragged, tossed onto a truck I nestled with my field mates. We were literally carried away, forced into a different pile, and received a protective net. Then a larger truck and a longer journey.

Cool air, the almost frosty nights, gave way to milder temperatures. I sure could use a drink. Mile after mile the flat bed semi carried hundreds of us. The top layer received a little rain. I enjoyed the moister air and a few drops trickling down.

Humans unload us. Give us another sort and count. Then on a sunny November morning I get my chance. I’m set upright and cut out of my netting. I stretch my limbs. Do you see how pretty I am? Check out my fine shape.

Shoppers look, take some of my companions away. No need to worry. A few cool nights later and December begins. I refuse to shiver under the string of lights at the perimeter of our lot.

She picked me! I’m clothed in net again, perched on the roof of a sedan, and carried off to a modest house. It’s all I ever wanted. I’m going to be a real Christmas tree!

Waiting for the Final Touch
Waiting for the Final Touch

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