State of Origin

Everyone has one. It may be one of the fifty that make up the United States. It may be the state or province or great city of another nation. Your place of birth.

My birthplace, hometown, where I grew up seeped into my being for a little more than the first two decades of my life. Then I carried it with me to other places, regions, and experiences.

I’m able to return for visits. It’s good to see familiar places and people. To bring little reminders home to sit on the shelf or hold my morning coffee.

Wisconsin memories
Wisconsin memories

Identifying the mugs from the left:

Peshtigo fire of 1871 commemorated. Drive careful — all of Wisconsin is a deer crossing area. Home town celebrated their Sesquicentennial. State flag remembers miners and loggers. Cows — earned the nickname of “America’s Dairyland.”

Have you visited your roots? Does it bring good, unwelcome, or sad memories?


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