Glimpsing the Future???

Twice. Three years apart. The first time I passed it off as something I’d done during when starting vacation photos after the camera had rested for weeks. (Or was it months that time?)

The second time, less than a month ago, the electrons went all distracted between two photos taken mere minutes apart.

According to my vacation photos, I visited Shiloh National Military Park in May, 2206. When??? I don’t know about you — but this woman born mid-twentieth century doesn’t expect to be walking on earth in 2206.

Problem dealt with and camera brought back to the correct date after return from that trip. It was a lovely trip – sightseeing, reunion with friends, and new experiences.

During the recent visit of that out-of-town company, I visited a local college campus and photographed some of the statues of Native Americans scattered around the edges of a water feature. It wasn’t until the next day, after we’d taken the photos of each other at my house that I noticed anything wrong.

My, I looked good from my age. Let’s see. October 2037 is 24 years into the future? And I don’t look older than in a group photo taken in April 2013.

They’re back in the present now. Here’s hoping that the electrons will mind their manners and stay on the road, within the speed limit.

Check the date!
Check the date!

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