Spring Cleaning

Ask any of my friends and they’ll confirm that cleaning house is low on my list of priorities. Usually I wait until it’s past optional and firm into the category of necessary.

Now don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not a complete slob. I keep the dishes done – sort of. They are very quiet and patient as they wait for enough friends for me consider the whole group worthy of my time. And I do laundry and put things into their place. About the only thing you’ll find scattered in my house is books. Non-fiction reference book that I’m reading a chapter a day. A fiction story to escape to a world where all comes out well in the end. Or a biography that struck my fancy. And don’t forget the stray magazine or book discussion reading.

But a short time ago I made a promise. A promise to clean house.

It’s amazing what activities out-of-town guests will prompt.

It did me good to remove the winter grime from places that get skipped in the quick cleaning performed during recent months. The idea that things were clean and orderly gave an added bit of ease to the visit.

The guests are gone now. The extra laundry is done. It’s been how long since I scrubbed that???? Do I have to clean it already?

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