Dawn Song

Race day will be here soon. Our group gathered for a final run/walk together. Training for our various events translate that to a common starting place and time.

We gathered early, a time of lights required, quiet streets, and yawns. The weather was mild for very early spring. I wore a coat, scarf, and gloves for walking speed. Runners favored two light layers, hats, and gloves.

Today it was the flat trail, on the abandoned railbed. Six runners training for a half marathon plus me, walking the 5K. Four runners started ahead of me, one passed a hundred yards later, while the remaining one chose her own route on a side trail.

Dawn sneaked today behind a solid layer of clouds. Near the first post (they mark the half miles) I heard geese. There they were — a trio honking their way across a sky trail. Few humans shared the trail this morning and soon I was listening to the birds exchange morning greetings among the still sleeping shrubs and trees.

Robins, cardinals, sparrows, and others with distinctive notes called and replied. No woodpeckers with their code this morning. The birds were active, crossing the trail or changing perches in bursts of energy.

They sang a song of hope. Spring, warmer days, and less need for coats if on the way. The race is soon. Hope that I will finish with my head held high in the middle of the herd.


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