Not Forgotten

The holiday rush goes on and on.

Thanksgiving feast. Shopping. Wrapping. Parties.

And don’t forget to go to work! Commerce continues, all the end of calendar year tasks descend on the workplace. Let’s hope the flu stays away.

Christmas brings a pause. But no rest for the hostess or chef. Visitors. Laughter.

We’ve a light work week — let’s stop in and see…. we’ve been invited out to dinner with…

Hurry, hurry — buy the bubbly and make your plans for the end of year gala.

What?  You say we forgot something?

Yes. You’re right. We’ve forgotten several.

Happy Birthday to all of those celebrating in this busy filled week.

How many times have I forgotten? Can I make it up?

Happy Birthday!   Happy Birthday!  Happy Birthday!  Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my big brother and all the others that survive birthdays overpowered by other celebrations.

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